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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing personalized service and dependable information about Rwanda to anyone, anywhere, who is interested in discovering the country’s diverse landscape and culture. We are committed to connecting our clients with our high-quality providers and the array of experiences our country has to offer.

Meet Our Team


Our bilingual Rwandan vacation planners offer our clients the peace of mind that comes of experience and unprecedented access to diverse providers throughout the country. We are committed to delivering a relaxing, enjoyable experience ; all itineraries are flexible, and each trip is customized based on our client’s individual goals.


We have an intimate knowledge of the country and are excited to share the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Rwanda. We will listen to your needs, provide guidance, offer timely responses to any questions, and work closely with you to create your ideal trip. Once you arrive in Rwanda, we are on call and ready to support you in every way possible.


Our trusted partners offer the full range of nature, luxury, adventure, and relaxation experiences that Rwanda has to offer and are committed to working alongside our team to support a sustainable tourism community.


We actively support programs that share our commitment to the community, culture, and preservation of Rwanda.

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